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FIAT Abarth 500 Electric Hatchback Reportedly In The Works

FIAT Abarth 500 Electric Hatchback 
An Abarth 500 EV is expected to be built, featuring a more impressive powertrain and sportier components than the electric Fiat 500e. It is possible that it will be communicated in a year's time. According to Abarth CEO Olivier Francois, the electric Abarth will also have improved suspension and braking characteristics, which would require equipment adjustments as contrasted to its standard zero-emissions relative.
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What's the History of the FIAT 500?

History of the FIAT

You've probably heard of the FIAT 500, but have you ever heard of The Cinquecento? Well, these vehicles are one and the same! How exactly did The Cinquecento come to be known as the FIAT 500? Let's travel back in time to find out.

In July of 1957, FIAT launched The Cinquecento, designed by Dante Giacosa. The 500 was marketed as an affordable and functional little car that could scoot about easily in post-World War II Italy.

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What are the FIAT Abarth Vehicles?

FIAT Abarth Vehicles Side by Side

There's a real person behind the legendary Abarth line of vehicles by FIAT. His name was Karl Abarth, and he was an extraordinary visionary in the world of automotive design. Born in Austria, Abarth worked in the field of marketing and mechanics. His motorbike designs became world famous, and in 1959, he collaborated with FIAT to create the legendary FIAT 500. It was a huge success. Today there are still Abarth vehicles on the road, bearing the name of the visionary that started the line.

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