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UConnect: Learn about Fiat Connected Car Tech

Fiat and UConnect

Connectivity That Entertains and Informs

Driving a car should be a pleasure, and nothing makes today's drive so pleasurable as the UConnect infotainment technology you find inside of select FIAT models. Superior connectivity apps are the wave of the future in vehicles, as people want to have access to their information and entertainment while in the car, but they also want to be able to stay in touch with their FIAT while they're away from it. Thanks to the software programs available on UConnect, you're always just one click away from your vehicle.

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Voice Texting in your FIAT


Listen to your text messages without taking your hands off the wheel or your focus off the road with Voice Text Reply+. You can also dictate and send free-form text messages with Voice Texting -- powerful, cloud-based voice recognition from Uconnect® Access+
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Common Traffic Myths Debunked

In the world of driving, there are a lot of myths about what’s allowed and what’s not. There are also a lot of "facts" about how you can make your way out of trouble should you ever find yourself on the wrong end of flashing lights. Below, we've busted a few of the most common traffic myths, so you can be that much more informed the next time you’re out on the road in your brand-new Fiat.

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