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FIAT Abarth 500 Electric Hatchback Reportedly In The Works

FIAT Abarth 500 Electric Hatchback 
An Abarth 500 EV is expected to be built, featuring a more impressive powertrain and sportier components than the electric Fiat 500e. It is possible that it will be communicated in a year's time. According to Abarth CEO Olivier Francois, the electric Abarth will also have improved suspension and braking characteristics, which would require equipment adjustments as contrasted to its standard zero-emissions relative.
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FIAT to Sell Only EVs by 2030

FIAT to go all EV by 2030 
FIAT recently announced that it plans to sell only electric vehicles by 2030, which promises to be one of the most dramatic changes in the Italian auto manufacturer’s 120+ year history. Starting in 2025, the company will begin to phase out combustion engines and gradually transition to an all-electric vehicle lineup over the following five years. Other auto manufacturers have also announced similar plans. However, if FIAT meets its ambitious 2030 goal, the company would be among one of the first major auto manufacturers in the world to go fully electric.
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FIAT to Become All-Electric by 2030

FIAT All-Electric 
Many automobile manufacturers have started to increase the number of electric vehicles that they include in their lineup. Many have committed to changing over a large portion of their inventory to electric models in the coming years. Fiat has recently announced that they will be changing their entire lineup to electric models by the year 2030. Volvo was the first to make this type of announcement, and many companies are following the trend.
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