It may seem unimaginable, but most memory experts agree that it is entirely possible for a parent to forget a child in their car. Routines may go amiss or a stressful morning may cause distractions, making it easy for such a fatal mistake to occur. Since the summer heat has yet to fully dissipate here in the Valley, we have found five simple tricks to help you always remember your most precious cargo.

Tip #1: Always Check the Back

Adding checking the backseat to your routine in the morning is one of the simplest ways to prevent forgetting your child. Even if you are 100 percent sure that there is no one else in the car, checking the backseat each time you exit the vehicle can be a lifesaver.

Tip #2: Keep Your Left Shoe in the Backseat

This is another simple trick. By placing your left shoe in the back of the car, you’ll be forcing yourself to check back there every time you exit your car.

Tip #3: Set Up a Plan with Your Daycare Provider

Since most hot car deaths occur during the morning before work, simply talking to your daycare provider may be a great way to prevent a tragedy. Simply ask your provider to call you if your child is not at the daycare by a certain time.

Tip #4: Keep a Stuffed Animal in the Front

This is sort of like tying a string around your finger; the stuffed animal acting as a reminder that your child is in the backseat.

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