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2018 Fiat 500X Blue Sky Edition Features & Specs

2018 Fiat 500X Blue Sky Edition Interior

Small wagons make great family vehicles. They're also ideal for individuals with busy lifestyles who need a little bit of extra rear storage. If you're searching for the perfect small station wagon, we cordially invite you to look at a few details of the Fiat 500X Blue Sky Edition.

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How Does Driving a Fiat Save Me Money?

Fiat 500 Minamalistic Interior

Consumers listen to talk about cars that save money all the time. Many times, the assertions are no more than exaggerated notions put out by overly-excited individuals who are devoted to a particular brand. The idea of a car saving its owner money is more than hype when it comes to the Fiat, though.

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FIAT Announces New 2018 FIAT 500 Urbana

2018 Fiat 500 Urbana

It's the little car that could, and it continues to stifle competitors with unique Italian-designed style and aura. It's a hatchback that does not quite look like a hatchback, but it retains all of the advantages of those models. If you want a stand-out vehicle in 2018, you cannot go wrong with the FIAT 500. The car continues to make notable news this year after its introduction at the 2018 New York International Auto Show. The Urbana trim is the one making the most waves, so let's take a look at what spectators loved about it.

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Where are Fiat cars made?

2018 FIAT e500

Fiat is one of the most recognizable automakers in the world and was originally founded in 1899. The mini vehicles that have a compact size are favored for their fuel efficiency and smooth ride. Although Fiat cars are increasing in popularity in the U.S., they are manufactured in Italy and were founded in Turin by a group of investors.

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Top Fiat Safety Features of 2018

2018 FIAT 500X

Deciding which new car to buy is never an easy decision. With so many different makes and models to choose from, it is usually necessary to decide which factors are most important and then narrow down your choices based on these criteria. Fuel efficiency, reliability, performance, style and comfort are obviously important factors. However, the truth is that none of these factors are as important as safety.

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