Driving down the highway, either on your way to work or on a winter road trip, can be a stressful thing with people going too fast and others weaving in and out of sometimes stopped traffic. To help you better navigate the roadways this New Year, we’ve put together a list of tips on how best to merge and pass while driving your new Fiat car.

Tip #1

Always use a turn signal. This is a super easy one, but super important, as a lot of people don’t use this very vital piece of safety equipment. When using your signal to either merge or pass, don’t wait to the last minute either. Give other drivers plenty of time to see your signal so they can prepare accordingly.

Tip #2

Never pass a car that’s going the maximum speed limit on the highway. Phoenix drivers are notorious for speeding, so you might be tempted to go around a car that is going the appropriate speed. Avoid this by backing off your own speed, as you are going too fast.

Tip #3

Never pass in a tunnel or on a bridge. We get it, if the guy in front of you in the tunnel on I-10 is going five miles under the limit, it can be exhausting to stay behind him. However, passing in tunnels and on narrow spaces like bridges can be very dangerous, as not only is your visibility limited, but your room for error is severely limited as well.

Tip #4

You don’t have the right away in stopped traffic. One of the most common causes of accidents on freeways is someone pulling out into oncoming traffic from a dead stop, so if you’re stuck in the far right lane that just won’t move, don’t barrel out into the middle lane without waiting for traffic to clear first.

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