There are certain noises that car owners have come to expect during their daily commutes or drives around town, but there are a few sounds that could spell big trouble for your car that you should have checked as soon as you hear it. Take a look at our list below.

1) A Whining Under the Hood

If you’ve been hearing a high-pitched whining sound coming from your engine, then you might be looking at a malfunctioning timing belt. This requires immediate attention, as a dying belt could easily break, causing your car to not start. Another common cause of a squealing sound is usually due to run-down brake pads that are in need of replacement.

2) A Hissing Noise Around Your Engine

A hissing noise is rarely a good sign even when you’re not driving, but if you hear it coming from under your hood, this could indicate a leaking cooling system or overheating engine components. This is another noise that requires immediate attention, as it could cause excessive damage to your engine if you drive your car while it is overheating.

3) A Grinding or Scraping Sound When You Hit the Brakes

Your brakes are obviously very important parts of your car, which means that a grinding or scraping noise when you brake can be a sign of brake malfunction. Bring your car into our Scottsdale Fiat service center to let us help you diagnose the problem.

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