With a smash hit film and a host of bestselling toys under its belt, Lego continues to be a hot commodity among American shoppers, which is why it’s very exciting to see that there might be a potential Lego kit dedicated to the Fiat 500.

The kit was published on the Lego Ideas website, where folks can go and upload project ideas for fellow builders, and for Lego engineers, who might possibly make it into a kit, if it attracts enough attention.

The Fiat Lego kit has been a big hit with Lego fans, with Autoblog stating, “Why support this Fiat project, though? Well, just look at it. The quality is excellent, which is evident by how well the compact and curvy lines of the little Italian are captured in the blocky medium.”

Like many of Lego’s current car kits, the Fiat Lego set comes with a wide range of cool accessories like stickers for the license plate and Fiat badging, as well as fun little amenities like movable seats, an engine, opening doors and even a luggage rack.

Watch the video above to see why the Fiat Lego kit is such a great idea. And then head over to Lego’s website to cast your vote for them to turn it into a real production set.

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