Dog Riding in Car

If you have a dog, or even a cat, you’re sure to run into a time when you need to take Fido or Mr. Meowington out on the road. This can be difficult in certain situations, especially if you don’t want to risk your car’s interior, or more importantly, your pet’s safety.

To help our customers navigate this potentially worrisome event, we’ve put together some tips on how to make your new Fiat car more hospitable to our four-legged friends.

1) Invest in safety equipment. There are several pieces of safety equipment that you can purchase for your pet, including an in-car tether that can protect your dog from falling off the seats or jumping around the car.

When it comes to cats, we recommend keeping little Waffles or Sassy in their carrier to avoid them getting hurt or under your feet while driving.

Dog Car Safety Tether

2) Get a squeegee. This affordable piece of bathroom equipment can actually come in quite handy in your car, allowing you get up dog and cat hair in a breeze. Trust us, it works!

3) Buy seat covers. If you have one big dog, or lots of little ones, it might be best to invest in some nice seat covers, which can be very helpful in preventing damage to your car’s upholstery.

4) Add baking soda to your car's emergency kit. This may seem random, but baking soda comes in very handy should Mr. Barky von Puppers become sick in your car, or if Princess Whiskers decides to not wait for her litterbox.

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