Fiat 500 Minamalistic Interior

Consumers listen to talk about cars that save money all the time. Many times, the assertions are no more than exaggerated notions put out by overly-excited individuals who are devoted to a particular brand. The idea of a car saving its owner money is more than hype when it comes to the Fiat, though.

This small car has an excellent fuel efficiency that lets you travel up to 31 miles per gallon (MPG) in the city and around 38 MPG on the highway. Combined, you may be able to get up to 34 MPG out of your Fiat. Considering that the price of gasoline fluctuates by the week, you may be able to save upwards of $500 per year on fuel costs when you buy a Fiat.

Another area in which this car offers the driver a monetary break is maintenance. The Fiat was built to last, which is why many owners find that they can travel for several months or even years without needing major repairs.

Even those owners of older Fiat cars stand to save money since the average maintenance cost for these small cars rounds out to just under $500 per year. If you put arithmetic to that figure, it appears that around $50 per month is all you need to keep your Fiat in working order, while most consumers spend more money on coffee every four weeks.

The benefits of Fiat are numerous and continue to grow. Your pockets will thank you for stopping by Fiat USA of Scottsdale to learn more about the brand and to test drive one of the new models.

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