Men Using the Uconnect Infotainment  

Uconnect is an important part of your FIAT vehicle. It is a software that gives you unparalleled connectivity and fun full-time in your luxury car. Known as the "connected car platform," it has won award after award for making entertainment, navigation, and safety features easy to find and operate. Your lifestyle is always going to be happier when you've got Uconnect installed in your FIAT. Voice Command is available through your Uconnect, and that's one of those features that is part convenience, part safety. When you deal with Uconnect, you're always the boss of your vehicle.

How Do I Update the Uconnect in my FIAT?

Like any software, Uconnect needs to be updated to be at its best. You can update your FIAT Uconnect online. You will be able to click on a link to "Update Software." Information you'll need in order to get started is just your VIN number. Once you've got your VIN, you're all set to update. Simply enter your VIN number on the page to check for updates.

In some cases, if your Uconnect is the latest system, you may be able to set things up to update automatically, although many of our customers prefer to make sure they're the ones in charge of the updates. There are many good reasons to update, but the best reason is that Uconnect is always adding another useful feature. To get those newest, most useful features, you've got to have the latest version of the software. You may also be able to update your Uconnect inside your FIAT vehicle by turning the system on and checking for updates.

Uconnect in the 2020 Fiat 500L

Learn More About Uconnect

The Uconnect system has won several awards since it first came out, but we're into several generations of Uconnect now, and it only keeps getting better. The system is the heart of your SiriusXM stations, Voice Commands, Bluetooth pairing, and navigation maps/GPS features. Uconnect will always help you safely get to where you're going, but most of all, it helps you appreciate where you are. FIAT has one of the best Uconnect platforms, thanks to its extensive partnership with the tool.

To learn more about Uconnect and how it helps your FIAT automobile be as useful as a modern vehicle can be, please contact our dealership today. We'll be happy to share all we know about this award-winning automotive software.