The Fiat Centoventi: A Concept Car You Can Customize and Upgrade on Your Own

In the new car sales industry, offering various trim levels and packages is a common practice; the idea is to give you choices with the look and extras that fit your needs and budget; however, once you settle on a trim, you generally cannot modify it. This is something that Italian automaker Fiat wants to change with the introduction of the Centoventi, a concept car introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March of last year.

In Italian, the name of this concept model, which will be the next generation of the Fiat 500 in North America and the Fiat Panda in Europe, alludes to the 120th anniversary of the automaker. The Centoventi is the result of four years of research by Fiat engineers and designers; this is a city car that not only addresses emissions standards but also allows buyers to customize the look and functionality on their own.

First of all, the Centoventi is an electric car that comes with a single battery for a range of 62 miles. Let's say you plan on taking a long road trip from Scottsdale to Miami; with the Centoventi, you will be able to either buy or rent up to three additional batteries, thus extending your range by more than 300 miles. The batteries will take less than 10 minutes to install at our service department.

The customization of the Centoventi goes beyond batteries and its driving range. Ostensibly, the car will be released in just one or two colors; however, certain elements such as bumpers, wraps, roofs, and wheel covers will be offered in various colors so that drivers can easily modify the look of their vehicles. As for the interior, some panels will be removable, and dashboard instruments will be available for purchase from Fiat, Mopar, and authorized manufacturers. A spokesperson from Fiat even mentioned the possibility of installing 3D printed parts on the Centoventi.

We will know for certain how much of the Centoventi will make it to the production line later this year. Fiat is conducting tests in Europe, and it has promised to decide before the year 2021. The concept of a modular car is not exactly new, but Fiat is taking measured steps towards this goal. If you wish to stay updated on the status of this exciting car, please visit the Fiat of Scottsdale studio. Our Fiat 500 models currently on the showroom look a lot like the Centoventi, but they are not modular yet.

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