My Fiat App  

The My Fiat app is a great way to stay connected and informed about your car. The My Fiat app provides access to all the information that you need to know about your Fiat at your fingertips. From your smartphone and any location, it's easy to access your favorite music, directions, your Fiat's performance capabilities, and more.

The My Fiat app is conveniently available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app unlocks many useful features, including allowing you to find a dealership for your vehicle, search through the owner's manual to find important information on your car's health and performance, and schedule maintenance. If you need service, the Preferred Dealer setting allows you to find the closest authorized dealer and make an appointment for service as needed.

The maintenance feature allows you to upload your maintenance records to your smartphone and access them as needed. The maintenance feature also reminds you of upcoming appointments so that you can stay on track with your Fiat's service schedule. From understanding warning lights to finding useful information such as setting the clock, the owner's manual function lets you research various parts of your car or troubleshoot problems for optimal vehicle health.

If you need to make an appointment at our dealership for your Fiat's problems, large or small, the Dealership Service Scheduling function helps you out. With the swipe of a finger using the app, you can enjoy convenient online scheduling and make an appointment as soon as possible for service. The app even includes the option for contact-less pickup and drop-off for your vehicle at certain participating dealerships so that you can have your car serviced without having to worry about exposure to illness.

Another helpful feature that you'll get with the My Fiat app is Roadside Assistance. The app also comes with Accident Support. The Roadside Assistance feature connects you to the nearest available service provider in case of a flat tire if you need a tow if you are locked out of your vehicle, and other problems that may arise on the road. If your Fiat is involved in an accident, the Accident Assistance feature helps you document the accident by completing reports for your records and uploading them to your phone. Suppose any problems are discovered in your Fiat. In that case, the app also provides you with up-to-the-minute safety and recall notifications that provide you with details on the latest recalls and what actions you need to take to stay safe on the road.

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