FIAT All-Electric  

Many automobile manufacturers have started to increase the number of electric vehicles that they include in their lineup. Many have committed to changing over a large portion of their inventory to electric models in the coming years. Fiat has recently announced that they will be changing their entire lineup to electric models by the year 2030. Volvo was the first to make this type of announcement, and many companies are following the trend.

A Slow Progression

Fiat has explained that their change won’t occur overnight. The 500e will be the first vehicle to start the change, and it’s a wonderfully constructed compact car that is perfect for city driving. You’ll still be able to find gas-powered 500 models for the next few years but expect there to be some changes as we move forward. There are no new plans for what vehicle will change next. Fiat’s leader Olivier Francois is committed to being a contributor to a more sustainable climate. In addition to more electric vehicles, Fiat is also working hard to increase the charging availability for these vehicles.

Stricter emissions laws will likely force more vehicle manufacturers to change their lineup to include more electric vehicles moving forward. Fiat is simply one the earliest to jump on board with this opportunity for change.