The History of the FIAT Automotive Brand  

As one of the top automotive brands in the industry, FIAT has a long history of reliability and impressive performance. As the largest auto brand in Italy, it has deep roots in the auto industry and continues to achieve success worldwide. If you want to learn more about FIAT and how it got its start, there are a few important facts to learn.

Fiat Automobiles first opened its doors in 2007 but dates back to 1899. It was created by three army officers and took over a company that made bicycles. They changed out the chains for belts, which caused the first FIAT to be built. The first factory opened in 1900 and produced 24 cars in the first year. By the 1910s, FIAT shifted its focus and started manufacturing equipment for the war while still producing different automobiles in limited numbers.

The first model the automaker manufactured was the Fiat 4 HP. Two years after the company began, the first FIAT models were available to be exported. Up to World War I, the company achieved immediate success. They managed to survive and continue selling cars through the war but faced a different market.

As mass-production increased in demand, FIAT began to increase the number of cars it produced in 1919. This is when they also made a new car design with the Tipo 501. It was built with a four-cylinder engine with a detachable cylinder head. The body was manufactured by Mitchell and was larger than normal.

In 1969, the company purchased half of Ferrari. In 1986, the company continued to expand when it purchased Alfa Romeo. In 1993, the company acquired Mazarati. They also purchased Chrysler in 2014, forming FIAT Crysler Automotives, which is now one of the largest automakers in the world.

Some of the top models produced by FIAT include the FIAT Brevetti, FIAT Tipo, FIAT 500 Topolino, FIAT Dino, and FIAT 1100. Today, consumers can choose to purchase models that include the FIAT Argo, FIAT 4x4, and FIAT Ducato. The company continues to be run by the Agnelli family and succeeds due to its innovative spirit and endurance that have allowed it to continue to grow in the industry.

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