2021 Fiat 500X grille badging  

Fiat cars are ideal for American drivers who value efficiency, utility, and modern appeal. With distinct European styling, these compact vehicles indeed stand out on American roads mostly dominated by large SUVs and pickup trucks.

Advantages of Driving a Fiat Car in North America

Since they were originally designed for urban regions in Italy and Europe, Fiat cars have retained their compact platforms over the years. Drivers in American cities can benefit significantly from this renowned automaker's latest models' efficient and durable designs. For example, the 500X crossover SUV is powered by a 1.3 L engine block that produces plenty of horsepower and torque for such a small displacement. With a boost from the MultiAir technology, the turbocharged powertrain achieves exceptional fuel economy in cities and highways.

An all-wheel drive is another high-performance feature that's available for the subcompact 500X model. With its short wheelbase and lightweight chassis, this Fiat car is undoubtedly suitable for navigating narrow streets in large American cities. Fiat models also have distinct exterior styling with stunning blends of contemporary and traditional Italian inspirations.

For instance, the 500X model is available in more than a dozen exterior paint options. Some dazzling finishes for the sleek car include Amore Red, Arancio, Vibrante Green, and Italia Blue. Matte Black and Anthracite finishes are available for the wheels of this Fiat crossover SUV. Additionally, this modern model has oval-shaped side mirrors and headlights that draw strong inspirations from trims on the market decades ago.

Premium leather in 2020 Fiat 124 Spider  

Sleek and sporty, the Fiat 124 Spider offers a thrilling open-air drive on American roads. This stylish convertible car is equipped with high-performance features, such as Bilstein shock absorbers for a smooth ride on any highway. Six gear speeds are available for the car's manual transmission or automatic transmission. The 124 Spider also wears the signature Brembo brakes made by one of Italy's leading companies for auto parts.

You'll love the distinct acoustics from the signature Monza exhaust system, which comes with a total of four tips. Some upholstery options for this premium Fiat convertible model include cloth and leather. You can opt for the Recaro seats with Alcantara suede for enhanced comfort and styling. Additionally, the 124 Spider boasts metallic pedals that are part of the Veleno Appearance Package.

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