Top 2021 Safety Features  

Safety is a priority for many automobile owners who walk through the doors of Fiat USA of Scottsdale. Whether you’re a single commuter using your car to get to and from work each day or you’re a parent who is transporting your children around town during the week, plenty of safety features in your vehicle can ensure that you’re protecting yourself and those that are around you while you’re driving. Fiat is a brand of cars that puts a lot of thought into the safety features that they include in their lineup, in addition to the features they offer as optional add-ons. Let’s take a look at some of the top Fiat safety features for the 2021 model year.

Electronic Stability Controls

Certain models part of the 2021 Fiat lineup come with electronic stability control, including the 124 Spider. This feature will allow your vehicle to sense when you’ve lost traction on the road. The brakes will be automatically applied to help you regain control.

Rear Park Assist System

To park your vehicle safely, you need to have eyes everywhere. Since this isn’t possible, Fiat has included a rear park assist system in many of their vehicles. This system will utilize a camera to help you guide your vehicle into a parking spot without hitting anything around you.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

All four of the tires on your vehicle should have proper levels of air pressure in them to prevent a flat tire or a blowout. All 2021 Fiat models come with this system, which will alert you when you have a tire that needs to be adjusted. Your dashboard will let you know which tire to check.

Enhanced Accident Response System

Your 2021 Fiat vehicle is equipped with enhanced accident response technology, which is engaged when you are involved in an impact that results in your airbags being deployed. As long as your communication system is still working, your vehicle can cut the fuel off to the engine, and your hazard lights will automatically go on. Your interior lights will be engaged automatically, and your doors will unlock so you can exit the vehicle or receive assistance as needed.

If you would like to check out the different Fiat models available as part of the 2021 lineup, we encourage you to contact us at Fiat USA of Scottsdale for more information. Come down to our Scottsdale location to meet with someone from our sales department, and we’ll give you a grand tour of our inventory.