FIAT Plans for an Electric Future  

FIAT recently announced some of its plans for an electric future, including an all-electric inventory by the year 2030. This means that they will phase out all of their vehicles powered by gasoline in favor of all-electric cars by 2030.

An All-electric Brand

FIAT announced recently that they plan on being an all-electric brand by 2030. As of the present, FIAT only has the 500x and the FIAT 124 Spider in terms of available vehicles in the U.S. At all, never mind EV options. They will be starting to shift over to electric as soon as 2025 to become a company that only produces all-electric vehicles. This means they plan on having it all done no matter what by 2030, or that's the plan. This is similar to what many countries are trying to do, including the UK.

Their first steps will be taking their 500x and 500L and converting them into electric vehicles. They aren't going to update the 124 Spider; that vehicle is simply going to be discontinued. Some of the EV options available out there, although not necessarily in the U.S., include the FIAT 500e. The presence of FIAT in the U.S. It is a bit low in contrast with the rest of the world, and FIAT is only recently getting into the electric game at all.

The 500e has a high e-rating, and it comes with an impressive electric battery, depending on the options that one chooses. It has almost 200 miles on one charge, and this is a significant range considering the size of the vehicle.

The idea is that this is just the beginning of what FIAT is going to be doing with a small car that can go that far. In the future, it's likely that you will get even more improvements on these Evs, including ones that will enter the US.

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