Interesting Facts About the FIAT Car Brand  

FIAT is a unique vehicle company. Here are some ideas and facts about FIAT that You may not have heard of before.


FIAT itself isn't just a word. It stands for something as an acronym. It stands for “Fabbrica Italiana Automobil Torino. Which means the Italian Automobile Factory at Turn in English. The word FIAT itself, beyond being an acronym, is a Latin verb that means “let it be done.”

The company FIAT is old. They've been around since 1899. It happened to be founded the same year as the Alaska Gold Rush happened.

FIAT Used to Be Associated with Ferrari. The company Chrysler FIAT used to own several vehicle brands. Ferrari split off from them recently, however. They were associated with the company up until a few years ago.

The year that FIAT was founded was also when they made their first car. This was in 1899, and they made a small vehicle that had little horsepower in its engine. It could only go up to a little past 20 miles per hour. It got a decent amount of miles per gallon, considering.

There are only two states where you can purchase the 500e from FIAT. It's an all-electric car that's known for being unique, so there are only certain places where you can get them outside of Europe. These are California and Oregon out in the Western United States.

You can drive a race car from FIAT like the FIAT 500 Abarth at the Bondurant Racing School that's located in Arizona. They have vehicles you can try out doing racing options like shifting or slalom if you are so inclined.

The FIAT 500X has been upgraded and now has an all-wheel drive if you want. This means that you can drive it in a lot of different places due to its new power. There's even a possibility to drive FIAT vehicles on a rooftop race track in the vehicles' native town of Turin. You can drive it around on a rooftop track for some extra excitement.

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