Top FIAT Safety Features for 2023  

FIAT vehicles come with various safety features, which vary by model and trim level. However, a few of the top safety features for the model year 2023 are as follows.

Advanced Airbag System

In the case of a collision, the advanced airbag system is intended to offer complete safety for the occupants. This system typically incorporates curtain airbags to provide head protection for both rows of seats, front airbags for the driver and front passenger, and side airbags for the front occupants.

While the side airbags are designed to activate in the event of a side-impact collision, the front airbags are intended to deploy in a moderate to a severe frontal collision. By deploying from the roof rail and putting a cushion between the occupant's head and the side structure of the car, the curtain airbags offer additional head protection.

A FIAT vehicle's airbag system is also fitted with sensors that aid in determining the severity of the impact and the proper airbag deployment. In the case of a collision, this reduces the risk of injuries and enhances overall safety for the occupants.

Electronic Stability Control

This technology aids in enhancing the vehicle's stability and handling, particularly during rapid maneuvers or when traveling on slick surfaces. To evaluate whether the vehicle is in danger of losing control, ESC employs a variety of sensors, including the vehicle's speed, yaw rate, and steering angle. To help the car regain control, if the system notices that it is starting to lose traction, it will automatically apply the brakes to specific wheels and modify the engine's power output.

ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera

This technology offers a wide-angle view of what is behind the vehicle and helps to reduce the risk of collisions. The system also permits more accessible parking in tight spaces.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This technology permits the vehicle to maintain a safe and consistent distance from cars in front of it. When paired with the car's forward-facing radar and camera, the system can automatically reduce speed if the car gets too close. This permits drivers to focus and makes it easier to keep track of vehicles ahead.

Lane Departure Warning

This technology warns drivers if the vehicle begins to wander from its lane by sounding an alarm and vibrating the steering wheel. This helps to keep drivers focused on their driving and reduces the risk of collisions. It will also offer steering assistance to center it on the lane.

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