2020 Fiat 500L

When you are driving, you should be aware of the smells in the car and what they mean. You might be thrown off the first time you smell something, but you can easily diagnose the problem before something goes wrong with your car.

Burned Rubber

A burned rubber smell likely indicates that you have a damaged belt or burning tires. You should make sure that you check the tread on your tires. If the tires are in good condition, a mechanic should check the belts inside the engine bay for you.

Gym Clothes

The smell of gym clothes in your car could be made by the fabrics in the car going stale. Alternatively, check the air conditioning system as there might be mold or mildew growing in the A/C evaporator, causing the odor. You may need to have the A/C system cleaned out by an expert service technician if the smell persists.

Burned Carpet

A burned carpet smell likely has to do with the brake pads on the car. These pads will wear down over time, and they will begin to make this smell when they are worn that they are making contact with the rotor. Most people who smell this smell the first time might assume that it is especially hot outside, but you can also feel that the brakes require more pressure to stop the car. It would be best to have the brakes checked before you lose braking power or damage the rotors.


The syrup smell that you notice around the car has a distinctly sweet smell that is easy to spot. When you are leaking coolant that has already been burned off by the engine, it will smell like syrup. You might also find a puddle of coolant on the ground outside the car. If you have seen the puddle and not noticed an odd smell, you should make sure that you have the coolant checked.


The smell of sulfur is likely related to the catalytic converter or the fuel system. The fuel system might have a leak that will cause this sulfur smell, or you might have fuel leaking out of the catalytic converter. It would be best to have the exhaust checked by an expert. You will fail your next emissions inspection if the fuel system is leaking and creating this odor.

You can solve many of the problems you notice with your car quickly when you diagnose issues based on smells. The smells listed above will tell you what can be done to make the car work properly. You also need to work with a mechanic if you do not know how to fix the problem on your own. You cannot drive your car safely when it is creating odd smells.


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