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A car that's overheating requires immediate attention from a qualified mechanic. When your car starts to overheat, you might notice that the temperature gauge on the dashboard increases, and you may see a warning light come on as well. The engine may produce a burning smell, and you might also see smoke coming out from under the hood. Any of these symptoms mean it's time to pull over and contact a professional for assistance as soon as possible.

Cooling System Problems

The cooling system in your car has an important role. The cooling system helps the engine stay at the proper operating temperature by regulating its temperature and delivering coolant fluid through the engine and to the radiator. The cooling system ultimately draws heat from your car's engine, which keeps its temperature at the right level. The cooling system's components, including hoses and belts, can wear out, develop leaks, or break, which prevents the system from operating normally.

Low Oil Levels

The engine needs several fluids to stay at the right temperature. One is coolant fluid, and the other is oil. Cars naturally need to have their oil replaced periodically, as engines will use their oil supply to stay cool. A vehicle that suddenly starts losing oil, however, may leak.

Radiator Problems

Another major component in the cooling system is the radiator. The radiator relies on fans to maintain the engine's proper temperature. The radiator has the essential and critical task of controlling the amount of antifreeze that goes to the engine. The radiator helps the engine stay cool by using fans to regulate the engine's temperature and ensure the proper fluid level moves through the cooling system. The radiator can break and cause the engine to overheat, and the fans can also get clogged or break, which prevents them from cooling the engine as required.

Water Pump Problems

Your car also has a part called the water pump that provides the engine with the right volume of antifreeze. The water pump can break, which keeps antifreeze from circulating through the engine and cooling system. Sometimes, the antifreeze's quality can cause problems, such as if the antifreeze gets contaminated with buildup and therefore cannot move through the water pump. The car's engine will overheat if sufficient amounts of coolant fluid can't move from the water pump to the engine to keep it cool.

If you need assistance with diagnostics and repairs caused by an overheating engine, contact our dealership today.


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