2021 Fiat 500X Exterior Rear

Maintain peak performance in your Fiat 500X with regular, scheduled maintenance. Optimal health for your automobile is best when maintained at your dealership. Contact your dealership today, set up a maintenance appointment, and protect one of your biggest investments.

How Often Should I Service my Fiat 500X?

Adhering to scheduled service intervals is very important to maintain a vehicle's optimal performance. The intervals may vary based on the particular Fiat 500X model and associated trim levels. To ensure the correct service interval refers to the particular vehicle's owner manual. Regardless of the model, there are some service intervals that you can expect as a guide.

15,000-Miles Service

A service professional should check the vehicle at this mileage point. An oil change may be due at this time, along with a comprehensive examination of brakes and tires. The Fiat technician will look at the condition of the wipers and headlights to ensure the vehicle safety features are functioning correctly.

30,000-Miles Service

At the 30,000 mile interval, the checkpoints may include an oil change. Also, Fiat's fuel and air filters may need changing for optimal performance. Filters may be required to be changed more or less, often depending on roads frequently traveled and other dusty climate conditions.

60,000-Miles Service

At 60,000 miles, there may be more items added to the checklist. The Fiat technician may recommend replacing either the brakes or tires if not within safety levels. This inspection will also include checking brake, coolant, and transmission fluid levels. Typically these fluids will be changed every 60,000-75,000 miles to maintain vehicle protection at the optimal level. These service intervals may include replacing the battery as the life is typically 4-5 years and may be due. Vehicle safety is also maintained with inspection of wipers, lights, and other components.

90,000-Miles Service

A more comprehensive checkup may be required at the 90,000-mile interval. The Fiat 500X will have many components checked as a timing belt, spark plugs, power steering, and other fluid levels.

It is essential to protect your Fiat investment, and the best way is a regular maintenance schedule. Call your Fiat dealer today and book that appointment and protect your car!

For additional information, please refer to your Fiat Owners Manual. This is very important to understand what will keep your Fiat in optimal and safe driving condition.


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